Support needed | Help get ‘The Weekend’ movie in cinemas nationwide

Directed by Sheridan De Myers (Thinking Out Loud, Money and Grime) and conceived by Kojo (star of MTV 2's Wild N Out), The Weekend is a British urban comedy starring Joivan Wade, Percelle Ascott and Dee Kaate (AKA Mandem on the Wall).

Lifelong friends Derrick (Joivan), Malcolm (Percelle) and Tyler (Dee) have always dreamed of living the high life, full of epic parties and beautiful girls. But that’s a lot of work for three London wastemans. So when they accidentally come across £100,000, they think their prayers have been answered. They splash the cash on expensive haircuts, new threads, a Range Rover and the party to end all parties: The Weekend to end all weekends. The problem is, it's not their money. It belongs to a very angry gangster who knows where they live. Now they have 24 hours to make back everything they've spent, or they're in big trouble.

The film has already been shot and now The Weekend team are trying to raise £100,000 to fund a nationwide release. To find out more including the great supporter perks are on offer, click here

Good luck from SceneTV!

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