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Everything appears to be perfect but when Martha decides to flee her own daughter's wedding her actions will transform her life forever

What's it all about?

Martha is Mother of the Bride at her eldest daughter's wedding, and whilst she fulfills the role perfectly a series of seemingly innocuous encounters creates an odd estrangement in her. At quiet breaking-point she flees the scene and finds herself at a late-night bar, its vibrant and improvisational madness a welcome relief to her role and the stagy theatrics of the wedding. A lone figure in unfamiliar territory, what Martha seeks is to be accepted as herself again; not as a wife, a mother or a sister, even as a friend, but as an individual.

The bigger picture…

This is a story that we passionately feel has to be told. Martha represents a demographic of people that are too often sidelined and ignored. We've seen it happening to members of our own families and as women we see the fate of these women as potentially our own and it really doesn’t have to be.

With A Moment to Move we are hoping to make a visually beautiful, charming short film that will move you, make you laugh but most importantly give thought to some bigger concerns about the preconceptions of women and age in our society.

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