Watch| Fifty Pence – A Short Film by Eric Kolelas

Darren, a keen gambler, finds himself having to escort an unknown woman on the other side of Paris for a Mafioso. Struggling with the implications of his involvement in the affair, Darren is forced to reconsider his values.

Talented filmmaker Eric Kolelas did not only write, direct and produce this short film – he also plays the lead role of Darren. After being awarded a scholarship to train at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, Eric was cast as Abe in the critically acclaimed short film 'Mosa' by Ana Moreno. While auditioning and waiting for acting opportunities, Eric took matters into his own hands and began making his own short films. By the looks of things, he hasn't done too badly – Fifty Pence has gone on to secure screenings and official selections at a number of festivals including the London Short Film Festival, Black Harvest Film Festival in Chicago and the European Independent Film Festival in France. 

Erici Kolelas is definitely one to watch. To find out more about Eric and his work, click here. 

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