Watch | ‘How Did We Get Here’ – New Web Drama from BWNG TV & Cardy Films

How Did We Get Here?, a collaboration between BWNG TV and Cardy Films, follows a complicated love affair between childhood sweethearts Dewale and Imani. Dewale, a talented musician, is in the honeymoon stage of a new relationship while Imani is in the corporate world and engaged. They stumble across each other 5 years after their relationship ended and very quickly discover their feelings have yet to subside.

Told in reverse order, the story explores the emotional and psychological effects of a lost love and the depths a person will go to experience true love again. In a unique scheduling move, all five episodes have been released at the same time on the BWNG TV channel. The drama stars Kamara Bacchus (Kerching, Special Delivery, Life Of Hers) as Imani, Stephan Boyce (For The Love Of The Game) as Dewale, Monique Sian Mundle (Murdered by My Boyfriend) as Dewale’s girlfriend Michelle and Michael Gyekye (A Beautiful Death) as Imani’s fiancé Damien.

Watch the entire series here. 

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