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Watch | A Lesson Learnt – a web drama from Wondervision Films [Full Series]

Wondervision Films brings you brand new web series A Lesson Learnt. The six-part drama aims to highlight the bad things we as people fo daily without realising the consequences of our actions. Written and produced by Priscilla Owusu, directed by Danny Wonders

Check out episode 1 above and the rest of the series below: 

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News | BBC Three announce new shows and partnership with Idris Elba


Reposted from BBC Media Centre

On Tuesday 16 February, BBC Three will switch from a linear broadcast channel to an online first destination. The new service will feature brand new original British comedy, contemporary British drama, innovative entertainment, thought-provoking documentaries and distinctive current affairs programming all made for BBC Three’s 16-34 target audience. At an event in London, BBC Three unveiled two new platforms: The Best Of – which will bring together original long-form programmes and a range of new content, including short form films – and The Daily Drop – home to BBC Three’s new stream of daily content including short-form videos, blogs, social media, image galleries, trending stories and daily updates from news and sport. The Daily Drop will roll out in Beta over the next few days. The Best Of will launch in February.

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Listen | BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra’s Stories: ‘Growing Up Without A Dad’ with DJ Target


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The one-hour documentary, co-produced Claire Clottey, explores the effects of growing up without a father, looking at music sensation as well as presidents Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton, both of whom had a fatherless upbringing: was it that challenge which fuelled their ambition? DJ Target, who himself grew up without a dad, questions how it has affected his own life and career, whilst delving into the pros and cons of having an absent father.  Then there are men like Swiss from So Solid Crew, who aim to break the cycle by being the best father possible.

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Watch | Shrink – new mental health web drama by Katrina Smith-Jackson

Check out the first episode of Shrink, a 6 x 15 minute mental health web drama about the psychology of living in London, one of the busiest cities in the world, with such a lonely condition as depression.

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Watch | New online comedy series ‘Hot Pepper’ from Bola Agbaje & Destiny Ekaragha

Check out the first episode of Hot Pepper, a new comedy series written by Bola Agbaje and directed by Destiny Ekaragha. The two previoulsy collaborated on 'Gone Too Far', the film adapatation of Agbaje's award-winning play. 

In the first episode, we see how far one guy goes to get rid of his One Night Stand. 

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Watch | Trailer – Ladies get candid in new online talk show ‘Heels Off’

Heels Off is an online talk show hosted by five ladies Rita Balogun, Amina Habeeb, Mercedes Benson, Ashley Watt and Oloni. Through their unique perspectives on life, these five bold ladies will give their opinions and thoughts on a range of topics such as relationships, love, beauty, fashion and much more. 

Coming soon to the Heels Off YouTube channel.

We'll be sure to keep you updated when episode 1 is released!

Watch | ‘The Alexis Show’ – Series 2 from Wonderlondon Films

Take a look at the second series of The Alexis Show; Dear Jesus’ sharper, more intense older sister, also created by Danielle Scott-Haughton (Wonderlondon Films). 

Alexis comes to terms with the depths of her husband’s betrayal and the relationship she has been forced into with Jonathan’s illegitimate daughter.

Watch more of the series here.

Watch | ‘Dear Jesus’ – Series 4 of the web series from Wonderlondon Films

In the first season of the hit online drama created by Danielle Scott- Haughton (Wonderlondon Films), protagonist Mercedes lost her job, her best friend and her boyfriend all in one day and was forced to move home and work at her family’s Jamaican take-away, Cool Breeze. Three seasons on and Mercedes is in as much trouble as she always is and every episode begins the same- “Dear Jesus!”

Returning from New York after her dramatic departure at the end of season 3, Mercedes realizes that nothing is as she left it. The whole crew is back, along with some new faces, and together they learn the past always has a way of catching up with you no matter how far you run.

Watch the first episode of the series above and click here for more. 

Watch | ‘How Did We Get Here’ – New Web Drama from BWNG TV & Cardy Films

How Did We Get Here?, a collaboration between BWNG TV and Cardy Films, follows a complicated love affair between childhood sweethearts Dewale and Imani. Dewale, a talented musician, is in the honeymoon stage of a new relationship while Imani is in the corporate world and engaged. They stumble across each other 5 years after their relationship ended and very quickly discover their feelings have yet to subside.

Told in reverse order, the story explores the emotional and psychological effects of a lost love and the depths a person will go to experience true love again. In a unique scheduling move, all five episodes have been released at the same time on the BWNG TV channel. The drama stars Kamara Bacchus (Kerching, Special Delivery, Life Of Hers) as Imani, Stephan Boyce (For The Love Of The Game) as Dewale, Monique Sian Mundle (Murdered by My Boyfriend) as Dewale’s girlfriend Michelle and Michael Gyekye (A Beautiful Death) as Imani’s fiancé Damien.

Watch the entire series here. 

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