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Watch | Shelter – a short film written & directed by Reggie Yates

Everyone has a story to tell. Shelter is a short film that exists within the realm of the uncomfortable judgements we all make based on our own journey.

The film follows main characters Wendie (Jessica Hynes) and Ash (Tosin Cole), opening up the conversation of perception based on appearance alone, between two very different people with polar opposite stories. Who really needs help here? Why is Wendie so threatened by Ash when they first meet? What did Ash do to earn his jail time and tag and, more importantly, why? What is their conversation and who do they become because of it?

Shelter was both written and directed by Reggie Yates and acts as an introduction to two characters that are explored in far more depth in the feature screenplay of the same name.

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Watch | Murdered by My Father – now available on BBC Three

Every parent wants the best for their kids, and Shahzad is no exception. Ever since his wife died he’s been trying to keep his two kids Salma and Hassan on track. Salma is growing up quickly, and Shahzad wants to make sure she’s set up with the right guy to settle down with. It’s a promise he made his wife, and part of what he considers his duty as a dad. But what does Salma want? Unbeknown to Shahzad, she’s caught up in a whirlwind romance with charismatic charmer Imi. Salma knows Imi is not what her dad is expecting, but can she find a way to make everyone happy? A hard-hitting drama with a devastating finale, Murdered by My Father is a story about the power and the limits of love in communities where ‘honour’ means everything.

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Watch | ‘I Still Do’ – a dramatic short film by Uche Aguh [Trailer]

Now, we cannot wait for this!

Written, directed and produced by Uche Aguh, I Still Do serves as his directorial debut. The dramatic short film stars Chinwe A Nwokolo and Aguh in lead roles.

Set in Lagos, Nigeria, the short film follows a young Nigerian politician named Emeka (Aguh) and his wife, Chioma (Nwokolo), in the midst of a political election. Chioma is in her mid thirties, a beautiful woman. Everything about her is pageant-like. But through the dark lens of her eyes, a much different story exists. Emeka, also in his mid thirties, a man full of charisma and charm, poised to be a governor. A miraculous feat, given his age and income. Their marriage in apparent crisis, the couple can no longer hold on to elegant pretense. In this particular style and theme, I still do is inspired by European French, art-house cinema. 

Aguh is joined behind the camera by cinematographer, Dennis Schmitz, who made use of small LED lights and modified natural lighting to achieve a picture that is both magnificient and terrifyingly beautiful. The film was shot in Düsseldorf, Germany. 

'Coming soon' couldn't come soon enough. The team have launched a crowdfunding campaign to complete the post production and take it on the festival circuit. To find out more, what perks they have in store for donators and to contribute to this worthy cause, click here

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Watch | ‘Black Vision’ – a BBC Raw film by Arran Shargall

Black Vision is a short film that focuses on stereotypes and challenges the audience to question their own preconceived perceptions.

The film was created by Arran Shargall, a researcher working at the BBC interested in raising awareness of themes centering on underrepresented or misrepresented. He says: 

"Being a British Asian I don’t see enough people I connect with or relate to on screen. When I see people that look like me, they are often either represented as a terrorist or a traditionalist wrapped in religion. I am neither of these two. I aim to create content that not only reflects diverse Britain, but also the issues, themes and pressures that young people face growing up in modern day Britain."

Raw is a BBC Pilot Project, an incubator for socially and racially diverse young people who want to develop into filmmakers for the BBC. Films are made by members of the BBC’s Creative Hubs which are made up of young people aged 18 to 28 who come from working class backgrounds. They film, direct and edit all their own content using their own smartphones, equipment and online edit software. The content of their films is based on their own ideas, stories and issues from their life experience – these are subjects that matter to them. 

The BBC provides a platform to show Hub members films plus support and encouragement to the young people to help them grow as film makers. If you want to know more about getting involved in the BBC’s Creative Hubs or making films for Raw contact

Watch | A Lesson Learnt – a web drama from Wondervision Films [Full Series]

Wondervision Films brings you brand new web series A Lesson Learnt. The six-part drama aims to highlight the bad things we as people fo daily without realising the consequences of our actions. Written and produced by Priscilla Owusu, directed by Danny Wonders

Check out episode 1 above and the rest of the series below: 

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News | BBC Three announce new shows and partnership with Idris Elba


Reposted from BBC Media Centre

On Tuesday 16 February, BBC Three will switch from a linear broadcast channel to an online first destination. The new service will feature brand new original British comedy, contemporary British drama, innovative entertainment, thought-provoking documentaries and distinctive current affairs programming all made for BBC Three’s 16-34 target audience. At an event in London, BBC Three unveiled two new platforms: The Best Of – which will bring together original long-form programmes and a range of new content, including short form films – and The Daily Drop – home to BBC Three’s new stream of daily content including short-form videos, blogs, social media, image galleries, trending stories and daily updates from news and sport. The Daily Drop will roll out in Beta over the next few days. The Best Of will launch in February.

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Listen | BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra’s Stories: ‘Growing Up Without A Dad’ with DJ Target


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The one-hour documentary, co-produced Claire Clottey, explores the effects of growing up without a father, looking at music sensation as well as presidents Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton, both of whom had a fatherless upbringing: was it that challenge which fuelled their ambition? DJ Target, who himself grew up without a dad, questions how it has affected his own life and career, whilst delving into the pros and cons of having an absent father.  Then there are men like Swiss from So Solid Crew, who aim to break the cycle by being the best father possible.

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Watch | Shrink – new mental health web drama by Katrina Smith-Jackson

Check out the first episode of Shrink, a 6 x 15 minute mental health web drama about the psychology of living in London, one of the busiest cities in the world, with such a lonely condition as depression.

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