Do You Have Content That Needs Promoting and a Platform?

Have you produced content that you would like to promote and platform?

This is what SceneTV aims to do, so it would be great to see what content is currently out there.

Perhaps you have produced a piece of drama, shown it at a festival but do not know what to do with it now.

Perhaps you have produced a documentary but are struggling to get it seen by a large enough audience.

Perhaps you are frustrated with the stuggle to get your piece of content picked up by the main broadcasters.

If this sounds like your story,  please send a brief synopsis of your content and any online links to

There is one main criteria: it has to represent diversity in some way. This could be through the talent involved in the production of the content or the subject matter – in that it is not commonly seen (or portrayed from an alternative perspective) on mainstream TV.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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