‘Meet the Adebanjos’ Meet the BBC!

If you are a regular to this blog then you would have surely read about Meet the Adebanjos before. To cut a long blog short, after airing a few episodes of the sitcom online and receving positive reviews from both audiences and broadcasters, the BBC have arranged a meeting with the producers on August 2nd to discuss season 2.

Executive producer Andrew Osayemi says “Together with our co-production partners Fresh Media Productions we have set out from the start to be different and to provide quality Black British TV content which is lacking on TV and distribute it online. Now over the past 3 weeks major TV production companies including the BBC have been contacting us about the show”.

Now they need your help: they are asking for people to email them with points and suggestions that they can take into the meeting about why shows like MTA should be shown on the BBC. Email in your comments to info@meettheadebanjos.com. If you haven’t already seen the show, visit www.meettheadebanjos.com.



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