‘Drink, Drugs and KFC’ – A Short Film by Aml Ameen

*UPDATE: ‘DDK’ has been taken offline so that is able to show at the British Urban Film Festival in September 2011*

Back in May, SceneTV caught up with Aml Ameen about his hit US drama ‘Harry’s Law’, his acting school ASA Drama School and AmeenDream Entertainment, his production company.

This weekend, Aml released to the public his short film, Drink, Drugs and KFC. SceneTV was given an exclusive viewing a few weeks ago and it definitely gets the thumbs up in terms of comedy and the unique, fresh approach it takes to the cinematography.

Drink, Drugs and KFC explores the dynamics of friendship between a group of young boys growing up in London. Comical, yet heart-warming and real, we watch young Nathan and his friends Max, Derek and Skipper head to an under-18 rave. Drama, jokes and fights all in the name of teenage bravado and hopes impressing the most popular girl at college – the beautiful Montana. The night takes a turn for the worst when Skipper’s ticket goes missing and in their desperation to get into the club they end up pocketing the ticket of Gamu Simpson, the younger sister of two local bullies Jimmy and Jason Simpson. As an introduction to the feature film, ‘Drink, Drugs & KFC’ sets the pace for the fun and often humourous fond memories young people share growing up in London.

You can watch the film above and head over to the Vimeo account to watch the behind-the-scenes footage.

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