Eyes Wide Open Productions – ‘Breaking the Silence’ Teaser


Take a look at the teaser trailer for 'Breaking the Silence', a production by Eyes Wide Open (EWO) which highlights the harsh reality of sexual violence in London in regards to gang rape. Inspired by true events and using talented actors and actresses, 'Breaking the Silence' looks at the effects that the devastating crime has on the victim's family and loved ones. The film will be released in 2012.

This production is part of EWO's 'War Againist Gang Rape (W.A.G.R)  project. I recently caught up with Alita Simpson, the woman behind EWO to discuss 'Breaking the Silence' and the disparity between the regularity of gang rape incidents and how much (or how little) we hear about it in the news or as public conversation.

Over the past five years, reports have shown a steady increase of this crime amounting to an alarming 1475 cases over five years; this equals a disturbing five cases a week. Alita Simpson, an independent producer and film graduate from the renowned University of the Arts in London, together with producers Dana H.Osman and Shirley Reid, will be pioneering the W.A.G.R project with the aim to use a series of multi-platform projects to bring this crime to the forefront of media attention and reach the widest audience possible.

Alita and her team have been working closely with victim support charities as well as victims themselves, who I think are incredibly brave to step forward and tell their stories. It is often the taboo subjects that are swept under the carpet that need the most attention as there is the risk that this 'trend' will continue to grow silently, then it'll be too big and too late to tackle.The 'Breaking the Silence' teaser trailer is now part of the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) and will be included in the programme for each day. This is just one of the ways that the film and the message are increasing gaining attention but the project aims to go even further.

Eyes Wide Open Productions aims to create relevant, genre specific film and T.V productions that dare to uncover, expose and highlight subject matters that are still taboo within our society, using entertainment as a means to impart powerful messages that will inform, engage and inispire change.

For more information and to show your support, visit the EWO website, their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter (EWOProductions). We'll keep you updated on the campaign over the next few months.

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