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As the exclusive online media partner for the Screen Nation Digital-iS Media Awards we will be featuring each of the nominees in the lead up to the awards ceremony on 17th December. The event, which is in conjunction with Vox Africa (Sky218) and sponsored by Google and Afrinolly, will celebrate the best online content produced by black British and international digital media creatives across short film, web series, music promos, blogs, magazines, social networks and more. Tickets to the awards are sold out but you can still attend the after party – click here.

If you’re a fan of the UK web series then we’re sure you will have heard of the award-winning Brothers With No Game. They have not only been nominated for the Favourite Web Series Award, they are also in the running for Favourite Web Series Ensemble and one of the lead ‘Brothers’ Zephryn Taitte (who plays Dorian) is up for Favourite Web Series Actor. We caught up with Zephryn and the guys behind the web series to find out more.

What made you embark on your online journey:

Zephryn: I quite simply liked the concept of Brothers With No Game. I thought it was fresh and of the time so I had to be a part of it.

BWNG: I think it was just a natural progression for us as content creators. We started off with the Brothers With No Game blog and in the midst of being blown away by how popular it was becoming, there were a couple of moments of sanity and heavy Ginger Beer consumption where we thought about making our content visual. Fast forward a chance email from a budding director and fan, an affinity towards web shows like ‘Awkward Black Girl’, ‘We Need Girlfriends’ & ‘The Guild’ and the opportunity to showcase our different skillsets, the BWNG web series was born.

What has been your proudest achievement to date?

Zephryn: My proudest achievement to date would be a mixture of two productions I was blessed to be a part of. One being The Island by Athol Fugard,Winston Ntshona and John Kani. The second, playing Prospero in the Tempest. Being poles apart; they had their individual intricacies and demanded a lot from you emotionally and physically ultimately challenging me as an actor. These roles not only changed me and my approach to my craft but changed me as a person.

BWNG: That’s a tough one! It’s impossible to single out a particular achievement. I hope this reads/sounds ok but it’s more the case of our journey as a whole being our biggest achievement, rather than a single moment. If that makes sense then turn it into an instagram quote, if it doesn’t then it’s because I haven’t had coffee today.

What has been your biggest learning?

Zephryn: I think the biggest learning curve is yet to come. The arts industry is forever evolving with innovative ideas and possibilities and with that comes the necessity to continuously learn; whether it be honing your skills as an actor or being entrepreneurial in creating art. With that being said, I feel I am the same spritely student as the day I embarked on this journey. 

BWNG: Perseverance, Preparation, Passion, Purpose. Without these four, you are doomed.


So what's the plan for the next year, where do you hope to take your journey?

Zephryn: Next year I plan to continue making connections internationally. Doing another feature film wouldn't go a miss! Or travel into the rest of Europe or the depths of Africa and work my craft as an actor.

BWNG: We’ve been really blessed to have an organic growth in our brand and now we are at a stage where we can and want to do more. We are firm believers in doing, rather than talking so we can’t say too much, but we will definitely be busy in 2014

Finally, why should people vote for you?

Zephryn: Vote for me because you believe in art. 

BWNG: People should vote for us for Favourite Web Series because we hope that we provide you relatable stories and likeable characters sugar-coated in the form of fun entertainment. We’re really proud of providing a show that is shared worldwide, amongst all ages and races and is judged and enjoyed for its content. It would be an honour to receive your votes!

People should vote Brothers With No Game for Favourite Web Series Ensemble, because we have a truly talented, dedicated and skilled group of actors and actresses who are passionate about their work and bring these relatable, hilarious/hideous and animated characters to life for your enjoyment and this would be a perfect gift for the cast.

People should vote for Zephryn Taitte as Favourite Actor because he is brilliant in interpreting the best and worst of the character ‘Dorian’. He has the innate quality of making a character real and he is as entertaining off screen as he is on.

To vote for Zephryn to win the Favourite Web Series Actor Award, click here

To vote for BWNG to win the Favourite Web Series Ensemble Award, click here.

To vote for BWNG to win the Favourite Web Series Award, click here.

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