TV Pick | Aaron Roach Bridgeman presents Channel 5 doc ‘One Punch Killer’

Violence is a major problem on Britain's streets, but what happens when a single punch takes a life? Aaron Roach Bridgeman investigates in Channel 5 documentary One Punch Killer

Speaking about the documentary, Bridgeman wrote on Facebook: 

A few years ago, I said to countless agents, TV producers, & anyone else who would listen that I had all these different ideas about how I really passionately wanted to bring to life & front a TV documentary as a presenter / producer. There wasn't much interest or belief. There was however, 1 of my ideas that nearly came to life after months of development, but in the end everything had to be scrapped. 

Fast forward a couple years…TONIGHT the TV advert to 'One Punch Killer' –  a 1 hour documentary special presented by myself was shown on TV for the first time. I have not just been able to use my presenting skills, but also my research skills, producing skills & even my poetry skills, all thanks to the faith that ITN Productions have placed in me & my ability. 

I am so thankful for the opportunity, especially as I have been able to speak about, explore, investigate & raise awareness on such an important subject. Not many of us have gone without raising a fist to punch at least once in our lives… 
BUT how many of us realise the true extent of how detrimental that 1 punch can be??

One Punch Killer airs Monday 15th August 10pm on Channel 5

2 thoughts on “TV Pick | Aaron Roach Bridgeman presents Channel 5 doc ‘One Punch Killer’

  1. Hi I just watched your show.i was living in bournemouth when that happened . I was told that the man who died didn't say anything fact he was to simple to say anything like that. In fact he had a simple mind and just told the person they shouldn't be taking up the pavement with a bicycle as his simple mind couldn't accept anything not normal

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