Watch | ‘Six Rounds’ – a London Riots feature film from writer/director Marcus Flemmings [Trailer]


April the 9th sees the premiere of the 2011 London Riots feature film, Six Rounds. Self financed by writer/director Marcus Flemmings, the film is a piece that deals with race, social economical issues and acceptance in the modern world.

Six Rounds focuses on a boxing match admist the 2011 London Riots and the killing of Mark Duggan. It stars Adam J Bernard as the lead (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Holby City, currently in Dreamgirls on the West End in London), Phoebe Torrance (Friday Night Dinner) and the Director of Photography is Haider Zafar (Vendetta).

Flemmings believes the film has a lot to say not just about the causes and consequences of the 2011 riots, but also for those who find themselves marginalised in society today. He said: 

“This film focuses on the challenges faced by one young man, but has genuine relevance for all of us in today’s society, with the potential consequences of Brexit, the Trump presidency and the rise of nationalist politics across the Western world impossible to escape.”

Check out the trailer below and visit Flix Premiere to watch the film once it premieres. 

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