Opportunity | BBC launches Felix Dexter bursary for budding comedy writers

By Divya Patel.


The Felix Dexter Bursary | BBC Comedy Commissioning | Deadline: Monday 12th June 2017 at 5pm

BBC Comedy prides itself on working with the very best in comedy talent, new and established, on and off screen; across radio, online and all four BBC television channels. In honour of the late comedian Felix Dexter, they have launched a bursary scheme which aims to give participants from black, Asian minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds an insight into production and development and encourage comedy writing talent to gain the skills, knowledge and experience to pursure a career in the industry. The detailed training programme will be based at the BBC in London across 6 months.

Writers' Guidelines

This Bursary aims to make a positive intervention to address an under-representation of black, Asian minority ethnic professionals in comedy production and development in the broadcast industry. This training scheme will provide a unique opportunity to gain experience in the programme making world with access to top tier production facilities where participants can learn and hone their writing craft across radio comedy, television comedy, panel shows and comedy entertainment shows

Application Questions:

Q1 – Write your own obituary from the perspective of someone you don’t get along with (500 words max)

Q2 – Write a sketch incorporating a first date at a funeral (1000 words max).

Q3 – Please critique two examples of comedy programming from the last 6 months. Please describe one you enjoyed and one you felt could have been improved – please justify your answers; what would you have done differently?   Please answer in no more than 500 words.

Answers to the above must be saved as one single PDF file, no larger than 10MB, with each question and answer clearly defined. (Do not include your name on this document as all submissions will be read blind, in the first instance.) 

Entry Requirements:

  • A good knowledge of British comedy and comedy television in general
  • Experience of writing to a brief set by others – to be outlined in your Writing CV
  • Excellent communication skills with the ability to express all issues and ideas clearly and concisely
  • Experience of working to a deadline – to be outlined in your Writing CV
  • Duos can submit, but no writing teams
  • Entrants must submit a Writing CV document as well as a short bio, to be entered on your Writersroom E-subs profile
  • Entrants must be over the age of 16 at the time of submitting

Submit here

Deadline: Monday 12th June at 5pm. 

Read the full Terms & Conditions of entry

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