Opportunity | BBC Three looking for content creators to fulfil a new creative brief


BBC Three are looking for the next batch of social videos and strands from up and coming content creators. They are looking for ideas that are innately shareable with viral potential that make audiences think and/or laugh. The channel provides an environment for the development of new ideas and talent and for existing talent to take risks, becoming a genuine laboratory for BBC One and BBC Two. For this brief, BBC Three are open to ideas that vary in form, tone and execution. Content ideas can take the shape of: videos, social content, animation, motion design, written editorial pieces, photo-journalism. 

In terms of format, ideas can include one-off pieces or series franchises.

BBC Three Key Commissioning Areas Include:

  • Comedy

  • Entertainment

  • Identity, culture & gender

  • Health & Lifestyle

  • Online/Internet

  • Food

  • Sex, love & relationships

  • Crime & Drugs


BBC Three will commission projects that they feel have strong potential for success across their platforms. Success can be defined as entertaining, insightful, intriguing or interesting content that reaches large audiences across their channels.


Budget is dependent on the idea and editorial ambition. As a guide for video content, please consider a range of approximately: £500-£1500 per minute. Applicants should provide a topline outline of your budget requirements. A more detailed budget breakdown may be requested at a later date.


Hiive producers will shortlist successful applicants and present those hitting the mark to BBC Three commissioners.

Things to think about

BBC Three content is modern, distinctive and relevant (though not exclusively) to its core 16-34 year-old target audience. Their aim is to speak to this audience with intelligence and on a level and in a way that will stimulate strong emotion and provoke reaction.

The following are examples of successful BBC Three content that you can use as a guide – consider duration, tone, subject matter, number of views/shares acheived.

iPhone 7 Parody

'Wasty' (Tasty Parody)

Things Not To Say:

Sports Mashups:

Amazing Humans:

Potential distribitution channels

BBC Three short-form content will be distributed where audiences are most likely to find it including BBC Three, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Snapchat and others.

For more infomation and to apply, click here. The deadline is 16th January 2017 – so hurry (and good luck)!

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