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(Warning: Some scenes of partial nudity and language some may deem offensive)


Last month, SceneTV attended the screening of Kingdom Entertainment Group's short film 'Illegal Activity' at London's BAFTA HQ.


Illegal Activity is an action-packed drama set in a rough housing estate in London, yet nothing on the block is quite how it seems. We follow Winston a street level dealer and his crew for one day, witnessing the devastating effect their trade has on the block. Society is crumbling, families unravel and desperation causes internal conflict. The need to satisfy this addiction spirals out of control. Police are closing in and are determined to infiltrate the hierarchy in an attempt to put a stop to this Illegal Activity.

Director: Sebastian Thiel of ItsUpshot
Writers: Najan Ward & Duane Palmer
Producers: Najan Ward, Duane Palmer & Sheila Nortley

Cast: Richie Campbell, David Ajala, Shanika Warren-Markland, Frieda Thiel, Jerome Holder, Jay Brown, Shystie, Giacomo Mancini, Michael Salami, Sway, Lil MoKell, Chiefer Appiah


Now, I always make it a point to reserve judgement until I actually watch content and not immediately base my opinions on the description alone. I've seen past productions by Kingdom so while I initially thought that this would be another 'estate' type film, I had an inkling that Kindgom would put their touch on it and bring something special to the table. I won't ruin it for you, but make sure you watch it all the way to the end.

They received a great response from the attendees at the screening and have also held screenings at Warner Bros and Google HQ. The film received 15,000 views on the first day of its release online, which is a huge achievement and is an example of the growing popularity of showcasing content and bringing it to an audience via the internet.

With feature film The Heist' in the works through their Kingdom Motion Pictures division, as well as the launch of a drama school, expect to hear a lot from this London-based outfit. See below for more info as well as a video from the production team explaining the motivations behind Illegal Activity (the video below contains a spoiler so make sure you watch the film first!).



About Kingdom Entertainment Group


KINGDOM MOTION PICTURES produces feature films for cinematic release, television shows for mainstream broadcast and high budget music videos. The core of Kingdom's business is to create exciting content that appeals to a wide commercial market.


KINGDOM VISION PICTURES collaborates with talented filmmakers to create moving picture products. Filmmakers concepts are put into tailor made business plans that ensures the end product has the maximum potential of exposure leading the filmmaker to a higher domain of work. Our expertise will help keep all production costs to a minimum while maintaining a high production value. We are very passionate here about film and our KINGDOM creative team always brings the heart of the story to the screen.If you are a filmmaker and would like to collaborate with KINGDOM, please use the contact page for further information.


KINGDOM SCHOOL OF ARTS provides professional actor training for employment in the film, television and theatre industry.
Our training prepares you for direct entry into the acting profession, while laying down the foundations for a successful career in film and theatre. Students are taught in a professional environment, working to industry standards. The School has strong links with the leading casting directors and producers in the industry.

Our school provides a safe and supportive environment for the student to learn, grow and explore their craft. Allowing you to discover your blocks and possibilities. Through voice, movement, improvisation and scene study you will gain tools and practice techniques that will strengthen your instincts and open up your imagination and self-expression.

As students progress, they will work towards an end of term showcase at a West-End London theatre. Our film production company KINGDOM VISION PICTURES works in conjunction with the drama school faculty to create films that will feature our students in their third term. Students who excel at the school have the opportunity to be represented by AIM (APEX INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT), which specialises in actor management, representation and public relations.

For more information please email



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