Watch | ‘Artificial Romance’ – a short film by Moses Ssebandeke

Filmmaker Moses Ssebandeke took inspiration from the world of online dating apps for his Roundhouse Online Film Funded short Artificial Romance. Starring Kalungi Ssebandeke and Kathryn Roth, the film explores the feeling of disconnection and artificial feelings. Speaking on his motivations behind the film, Ssebandeke says:

What I wanted to do with Artificial Romance was pose two philosophical questions. I wanted to make a comment on how people all meet these days via dating apps. I feel the human connection has become a commodity that is packaged and marketed to the masses – thus making it artificial. The idea of the 'one' has almost become genetically modified – fake and empty. I also wanted to go deeper and ask if the very concept of romance is artificial? Could romance be a way we humanise a basic animal instinct – our want/need to procreate. Can a man be faithful to one woman for the rest of his life? I hope this little short opens up that conversation.

Artificial Romance won the Roundhouse Online Film Fund, which is generously supported by the Ex Animo Foundation. The fund is open again for applications until the 30th November 2016, so apply now to turn your idea into a reality. 

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