Watch | New web drama ‘Concealed’ by Clever Lens Media

Concealed is a drama series from Clever Lens Media which explores the endless moral dilemmas faced by so many of us. Love or lust?  Faith or logic? Flesh or spirit? Heart or mind? My way or God's way?

Experience the brokenness of Moses after ruining his relationship with warm-hearted Alika. Feel how Kara’s heart is torn between Jackson, the equally yoked love who wasn’t ready and the worldly Kojo who wants her for keeps.  Discover the subtle techniques of Evelyn in securing that ‘oh so lovely’ bae! Then ask yourself why the voice of reason, Taj still has no bae? Learn from the destructive cycle of Giselle and Tayo, as they attempt to build a relationship on a false idea of love.

Check out the trailer above and the full series here. To find out more, visit

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