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Watch | A Lesson Learnt – a web drama from Wondervision Films [Full Series]

Wondervision Films brings you brand new web series A Lesson Learnt. The six-part drama aims to highlight the bad things we as people fo daily without realising the consequences of our actions. Written and produced by Priscilla Owusu, directed by Danny Wonders

Check out episode 1 above and the rest of the series below: 

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Watch | Shrink – new mental health web drama by Katrina Smith-Jackson

Check out the first episode of Shrink, a 6 x 15 minute mental health web drama about the psychology of living in London, one of the busiest cities in the world, with such a lonely condition as depression.

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Watch | Trailer: How Did We Get Here? from BWNG TV & Cardy Films

Check out the trailer for How Did We Get Here? a new original series coming soon to BWNG TV. The series is from the director of ‘Life Of Hers’ & ‘London Heat’ (Olan Collardy) and the writer/co-creator of ‘Brothers With No Game’ & ‘A Day In The Life Of Daddy’ (Leon Mayne).

How Did We Get Here? follows a complicated love affair between childhood sweethearts Dewale and Imani. Dewale, a talented musician, is in the honeymoon stage of a new relationship while Imani is in the corporate world and engaged. They stumble across each other 5 years after their relationship ended and very quickly discover their feelings have yet to subside.

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Watch | Adam & Eve – the Web Series

‘Adam & Eve’ is a London based, modern adaptation of the first love story found in the biblical Book of Genesis. Set in a time where the concept of an apple has evolved from fruit to technology, the temptation in the hand of the beholder remains the same. With one simple bite, we witness young love deflate to lust, the fall of man, the beginning of the end.

‘Adam & Eve’ is written and directed by Oliver Greaves and co-produced by Jeffrey Boateng & Natasha Rosetta Joseph under their collaborative production umbrella of Visions Inc.

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Watch| Wedding Dates: Episode 1 – The Walking Rules

Wedding Dates, a brand new series on BWNG TV, follows engaged childhood sweethearts Sean and Jamie who fear they have missed out on all the fun 21st Century dating has to offer. They agree to spice up their ten-year relationship by allowing each other to go on dates with other people –  as long as they don't break 'the rules'! What could go wrong? 

Written and created by Daniel Rusteau. Starring Daniel Rusteau and Chinwe Nwokolo.

Trailer| Venus vs Mars Lands at Sky Living

​Follow dynamic single girl Venus in her catastrophic quest to find true love, in a warm and witty comedy drama from critically acclaimed playwright Baby Isako (Love is a Losing Game, Bag Ladies).

Developed from the successful and hugely popular web series of the same name, the 10-part comedy drama follows hapless romantic Venus, played by rising star Letitia Hector, as she hunts for Mr Right. Run-ins with the ex, old flames, new crushes and double dates mean there's never a dull moment in Venus's love life, while her friends also contend with man dramas and relationship woes.

Venus vs Mars starts on Sky Living on the 9th of April, Thursdays at 11pm, with two episodes screening each night.

Huge congratulations to the team  – we'll definitely be tuning in!


WATCH| So He Says – Panel Show from Creators of Brothers With No Game

In celebration of Valentine’s Day and the month of love, BWNG TV (the creators of web-to-TV hit Brothers With No Game) host a panel show delving into the mind of the single male. In the five-part YouTube series, four British guys candidly discuss their honest (and controversial!) thoughts on dating, sex, women, relationships and marriage. 

Hosted by presenter Claire Clottey, the So He Says panel includes:
Aaron Roach Bridgeman – presenter and host 
Chris Enti – author and founder of website What He Really Thinks
Jimmy –  founder of Gee (Gentleman’s Encyclopedia of Excellence)
Reuben Christian – presenter, comic and co-creator of style site Individualism


Watch all five shows in the playlist above.