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Watch| A Day in the Life of Daddy – new web series from BWNG TV


Check out episode 1 of A Day in the Life of Daddy, the new series from the creators of web-to-TV hit Brothers With No Game. The series follows the life of Kwame – a single male Londoner, as he attempts to improve his relationship with his 6 year-old daughter, following the emergence of another man in the her mother’s life.

In episode 1, before jetting off to Thailand with her new boyfriend Lee, Makaila drops off Tiffany to her father Kwame. Kwame, irresponsibly unaware of Tiffany's early arrival after hosting a house party last night, does his best to put on a sober face. It doesn't last very long when Makaila reveals to Kwame that Lee wants her and Tiffany to move in with him.


Watch: ‘Status London’ – A New Web Reality Show


Welcome to a Status London, a brand new reality based series. Filmed in London, the exciting show follows the lives of 8 entrepreneurs from the UK's Black entertainment scene; each with their own ideal of success and 'living the dream', but all with one common goal: to make it happen. 

In episode 1, Play plans his next venture while Siobhan is unsure about attending an event.

Watch| YOMO – Episode 1: The African, Asian Persuasion (Web Series)


Check out the first epiosde of YOMO, from content creators Ment2Excel Digital. 

Yonah & Moshana (Yo & Mo) are two ladies living and loving in London. Both are fast approaching thirty, and the reality of being left on the shelf — is becoming just that — a reality. Determined not to grow old as lonely spinsters with just themselves and a cat for company, they decide to go on an all out assault to find their future husbands. For Yo & Mo marriage is for life, therefore they are determined to make sure its with the right guy, even if it means meeting all the wrong ones!

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Trailer| Life of Hers – a new web series by Cardy Films


Take a look at the trailer for Life of Hers, an upcoming web series from Cardy Films. 

Life of Hers, written by Samantha Chioma, is a drama series reflecting the lives and friendships of four millennial women in a cosmopolitan city. It explores the complexities of life as a first generation Black British young woman and some of the unique conflicts that can arise between inherited traditions and assimilated new cultures. 


Watch| Catch up on ‘Dear Jesus’ season 3 (web series)



dear jesus


The award-winning web series Dear Jesus returned in March for a third series. Created and produced by Wonderlondon Films, the show revolves around youg fashion journalist Mercedes whose life falls apart so writes prayers to Jesus on her laptop to make sense of it all. Catch up on the series so far below and tune in to every Sunday at 8pm for fresh new episodes. 


International Watch| Q’s One Night Stand – A New Web Series (NSFW)


Warning: Contains explicit content and language

Check out this new web series from the US featuring Brit actress Gabrielle Ryan. 

No drunk chicks, no ho's, and they can't be from Staten Island (it's a long story). These are a few of the rules Quinton has for one night stands. He's no Romeo and he's far from an Adonis. He's just a guy committed to being the perfect boyfriend — for one night. Each webisode we meet a new woman and they're as diverse as the city in which this adult comedy is set — New York. But beware. Quinton may look like he's living a life most men dream about, but one never knows what lurks behind a woman's bedroom door.

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Watch| The Method of Love – Season 1 Pilot


Check out the pilot for new series The Method of Love starring Chuck Venn. 

Using London’s buzzing streets as a backdrop, audiences will witness the characters go through hazardous journeys of self-discovery in the quest to find true love.

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Watch| Trailer for ‘Adots Appentice’ – A New Web Series from Its Upshot & Elevation Networks


Watch out Lord Alan and Donald Trump!

Adots Apprentice is an upcoming 4 part web series from writers director Sebastian Thiel, Dionne Reid and Babatunde Aleshe. Coming out of Thiel's Its Upshot production company and powered by Elevation Networks, the web series spoofs the ever so popular The Apprentice reality show franchise but sees the hilarious Adot take over the hiring and firing. The cast includes Afolabi Dasaolu, Kevin Gary, Michael Salami, Andrew Apraku, Sophie Miller, Melissa Perry, Marlon Kameka, Ben Fawcett, and more.

Check out the trailer above and we'll keep you up to date with info about when it all goes live! 

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Watch| Brothers With No Game – Season 2 Episode 6 (The ‘Summer’ Party Part 2)


If you missed the release of this ep over the holidays – not to worry. You can catch up above. 

The second part to Marcus' surprise birthday party which becomes a haven to different levels of tension as the rain forces everyone to interact…which gets varied results. 


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SceneProfiles| Tanya Vital – Screen Nation Digital-iS Media Awards Favourite Web Series Actress Nominee


As the exclusive online media partner for the Screen Nation Digital-iS Media Awards we will be featuring each of the nominees in the lead up to the awards ceremony on 17th December. The event, which is in conjunction with Vox Africa (Sky218) and sponsored by Google and Afrinolly, will celebrate the best online content produced by black British and international digital media creatives across short film, web series, music promos, blogs, magazines, social networks and more. Tickets to the awards are sold out but you can still attend the after party – click here.

You might recognise Tanya Vital from Emmerdale, Holby City or urban fantasy thriller Sokorates alongside actor Wil Johnson. She’s up for the Favourite Web Series Actress award and we caught up with her to find out a little more.

On why she decided to join the cast of Sokorates, Tanya said:

"I think the Director Ricardo Barker, Wil and I were all under the same impression that the work wasn’t coming to us at the rate that we would have liked and we were not being seen for, or offered, the types of work we wanted to create so we should somehow get out there and create our own.”

Many have turned to the web for this exact reason as it offers a platform to tell your own stories as well as gives audiences content that they have been craving. We’ve heard from many of the nominees that seeing an initial idea grow into something watched worldwide is a proud moment – the same goes for Tanya.

“My proudest achievement to date has to be Sokorates. We all worked so hard with little to no budget to create a type of show that wasn’t being done by people like us. Ric gave me a chance to be a superhero – when will a short, brown, northern girl ever get that chance again?”

Having spent some time working on two big British programmes Emmerdale and Holby, Tanya has some interesting insights about the world of an actor.

“The acting profession is like a huge anthropological experiment and there are lessons to be learnt about life and human nature around every corner. I think somebody said it best when they said ‘Life’s a marathon, not a sprint’. The same is true of the acting profession.”

When asked about her plans for the future, Tanya is quite candid about her thoughts on diversity in the UK TV and film industry.

“I graduate from RADA in January and then after that the world is my oyster. The cons of this industry are that unless you’re in a soap the work is sporadic, but the pros are that the work can take you anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat. It’s no secret that there just isn’t enough work here for people of colour so maybe America will have me? Who knows.”

Finally, on why should people vote for her?

“Because it’s our time to show that there is culture and diversity beyond Watford Gap. We created a unique type of show and frankly it’s good. Series two will be coming soon.”

To vote for Tanya to win the Favourite Web Series Actress Award, click here.

To vote for Sokorates to win the Favourite Web Series Award, click here

To find out more about Tanya, see the links below:

Twitter: @TanyaVital


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