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Scene Profiles| Screen Nation Awards – Favourite Nollywood Film Nominees


Not long to go until the 9th Screen Nation Awards. Voting for the public categories closes on 20th February so make sure that you get your voice heard by clicking here. 

Just before you do, let's take a closer look at the nominees for the Favourite Nigerian (New Nollywood) Film award.



Amina is written, produced and directed by Christian Ashaiku, a Nigerian-born London-based filmmaker. The film stars Emmerdale actor Will Johnson and Nollywood A-Lister Omotila Jalde-Ekeinde and tells the dramatic story of love, loss and redemption. Devastated by a series of life-changing events Amina (Jalde-Ekeinde) experiences a breakdown and finds herself in a mental hospital. There is light at the end of the tunnel in the form of her doctor (Johnson) but he must first overcome his own troubles. 

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SceneProfiles| ABN TV – 2014 Screen Nation Award Nominee

In the run up to the 9th Screen Nation Awards, SceneTV will be featuring all of the nominees in the public voting categories. First up is ABN TV (Allied Broadcasting Network) who are up for the Favourite Black Channel award.

ABN TV’s mission is to bridge the gap between ethnic and mainstream channels by reflecting the interest and aspirations of the African-Caribbean, British and European communities. Available to view on Sky 290, the strength of this family entertainment channel lies in its in-depth understanding of the cultures of the core audience and the ability to inform, educate and entertain the people they save. Viewers can tune in to a variety of programmes across film, music, lifestyle, news and documentaries. For example Joy News airs exclusively on ABN TV daily in Europe, Russia and North Africa, while top African movies such as The Last Flight to Abuja and The Witches of Gambaga entertain film lovers. Take a look at the videos below to find out more about the channel’s content.



If you would like ABN TV to win the Favourite Black Channel award, click here to vote. Voting closes 12am 20th February.

For more information on ABN TV visit

The 2014 Screen Nation Awards take place on Sunday 23 February at Park Plaza Riverbank, London. Click here to grab your ticket!

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London Live Commissions Drag Queen Documentary


Reposted from London Live 

A bold and revealing look at the drag queen capital of the world: London Live has commissioned ‘Drag Queens Of London’, an eight-part observational documentary that will lift the lid on the world’s biggest and most dramatic drag scene. The observational documentary series follows the lives of a selection of performers on the biggest and broadest drag scene in the world.

‘Drag Queens of London’ has exclusive access to artists including Dusty O, Jodie Harsh, Baga Chipz, Lady Lloyd and Rosie Beaver, amongst many others. Head of Programming for London Live, Jonathan Boseley, commissioned the show and said that London Live exists to bring its viewers surprising slices of life from across the capital.

"The world of the London Drag Queen is not exactly as you would imagine," he says. "These are incredibly talented artists but they are real people as well and sometimes the drama isn’t just on the stage. Drag Queens Of London is the first of what we hope will be many shows where audiences are introduced to unexpected and unknown subcultures that exist in London. I want other people with their own unusual stories to come and talk to us as well.”

‘Drag Queens Of London’ is made by multi-platform producer,The Connected Set, who gained unprecedented access to this extraordinary world. 

“There’ll be plenty of the expected glitzy and glamorous performances but we’ll also learn more about the stories behind the performer as the war paint comes off," Becky Maynard, series producer at The Connected Set says."These courageous and colourful characters have a lot on their plate and we’ll see them triumph against the odds to forge careers, find love and make their lives as both drag queens and real men in the capital. We can’t wait to tell all the stories this spring”.

Dusty O, who appears on the show said: "Drag doesn't discriminate. Queens come in all shapes, sizes, hues and ages and are endowed with some extraordinary talents. It's great to be part of a programme that celebrates and showcases the diversity and dynamism of London's drag scene. It's going to be an eye-opening and electrifying journey for viewers and drag queens alike.”

'Drag Queens of London' will be broadcast on London Live in April 2014, after the channel's launch March 31st.

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Event| Screening of Fredi Nwaka’s ‘Some Things’ and ‘If Only’ at Bafta London

Date: Saturday 1st February

Time: 5pm – 9pm

Venue: Bafta, 195 Piccadilly, London, W1J 9LN

Award winning writer, director and actor Fredi 'KRUGA' Nwaka will host an evening of screenings and debate at the prestigious BAFTA, Piccadilly.

Some Things (trailer above): The world can be a cruel place and inner city London is no exception. When an innocent young girl becomes caught up in a world of abuse and emotional blackmail her life quickly spirals out of control.

If Only: Gang violence in inner city London has spiralled out of control over the last several years with many teens losing their lives.. Based on true events ‘IF ONLY’ tells the story of a young man and how a wrong choice can have a life changing effect on everyone around him. After a violent altercation with a rival gangs members girl friend what starts off as just proving a point for local ‘bad boy’ Tyrone ends up in a deadly finale.

Following the screenings of these two films, attendees will also have the opportunity to discuss how these topics are being addressed in communities around the UK. There will also be performances from singer-songwriter Fidel, spoken work by Farida as well as a book signing by Chris Tuck, author of Through the Eyes of a Child.

For more information and to buy a ticket for the event, click here.

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SceneProfiles| Travis Watson & ‘Sorry We Don’t Help Darkies’ – Screen Nation Digital-iS Media Awards Favourite Short Film Nominee

Travis Watson

As the exclusive online media partner for the Screen Nation Digital-iS Media Awards we will be featuring each of the nominees in the lead up to the awards ceremony on 17th December. The event, which is in conjunction with Vox Africa (Sky218) and sponsored by Google and Afrinolly, will celebrate the best online content produced by black British and international digital media creatives across short film, web series, music promos, blogs, magazines, social networks and more. To grab one of the limited tickets to the event, click here.

We caught up with Travis Watson, the writer and director of Sorry We Don’t Help Darkies, which is up for the Favourite Short Film Award. With such an in-your-face-title, we were keen to know where the inspiration for creating this film came from.

“I was inspired by filmmakers such as Spike Lee and Martin Scorsese to tell real urban stories. I also made a documentary about my Grandparents who came to England from the Caribbean during the 1950’s. Their stories and their dignity and incredible resilience in the face of a very difficult situation, not only inspired this film but also inspired me in life.”

And that’s not the only place inspiration can originate. Travis makes a great point about taking guidance and notes from everything around you – in particular, they place you come from.

“I learn by watching people in my hometown of London, the beauty and simplicity in everyday interactions and the characters that you see as you travel around this great city. This is what teaches me and guides me in my filmmaking.”

So what’s next for Travis? Well people can look out for a feature film he is currently writing called 'Sounds of the Soul'. It is set in London and aims to explore the incredible and unique talent that black people have for creating music that enslaved Africans transported with them. It also looks at the temptations of fame and the greed of the music industry.

When asked why people should vote for his film, Travis said:

“I am trying to tell real stories about our beautiful black people, the side that is often ignored for the stereotypical caricatures, which have sadly portrayed us in the past. We have enormous creativity and I want to help inspire other black filmmakers to make films so that one day we can argue over whether there are more great black filmmakers or musicians. If you support me in this black film movement to tell our stories with honesty, I will be humbled and massively grateful.”

To vote for 'Sorry We Don't Help Darkies' to win the Favourite Short Film Award, click here. 

To find out more about Travis and Sorry We Don’t Help Darkies see the links below:


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SceneTV Announced as Online Media Partner for the Screen Nation Digital-iS Media Awards

SN Vox Google Scene Image

We have some exciting news here at SceneTV. We are proud to be the online media partner for the inaugural SCREEN NATION DIGITAL-iS MEDIA AWARDS presented in conjunction with Vox Africa (Sky218) and sponsored by Google. 

The awards are designed as a competitive excellence platform that will showcase the best work being published online made by black British and international digital media creatives working across short film, web series, music promos, blogs, magazines, social networks and more.

The event highlights a new born media maker that can simply wake up, write, cast and fund a project online, record and edit with a mobile device, launch a YouTube channel to distribute their content, design a blog to publicise their work and find an audience via any one of a number of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. The new digital era continues to grow from strength to strength. 

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Watch| Crossed Wires – An Improvised Short Film by Eric Kolelas

 An improvised short film: A misunderstanding leads to sombre consequences as two flatmates recall very different turns of event from the previous night.

Eric Kolelas is back with another unique short film titled Crossed Wires. The talented writer-slash-actor-slash-director said: 
"This project came about as I initially wanted to play around with the concept of improvisation as a mean to expand and create stories for film. I liked the idea of having very loose circumstances, as opposed to a defined story, to create something, and 'Crossed Wires' was the result."
Watch the film in full above. 
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Watch| The Ghana Grudge – a short documentary

History has seen African nations Ghana and Nigeria clash due to Government implementation of extreme immigration laws that were set in bids to improve the economy. At the time these extreme measures put a strain on the relationship of the two countries. Fast forward to 2013…in this short documentary MyGhanaRoots & Narrow Path Films  investigate whether these historical events have remained in the history books or if Ghanaians and Nigerians, even those who were born in the UK, continue to bear a grudge towards each other. 

Watch the short documentary above. For more info visit MyGhanaRoots and Narrow Path Films 

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Watch| Brothers With No Game – Episode 3: Close Encounters of the Awkward Kind

The Brothers are back with an episode that is guaranteed to make you cringe. Hash-tag-awkward!

Dorian and Shirene go on a date and bump into unexpected company, meanwhile Marcus finally gets a call from Sinitta and Junior encounters all of the important women in his life.

This episode if Brothers With No Game is sponsored by Nu People Magazine

To catch up on the series, visit

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SceneProfiles| Andre Royo – Actor (Calloused Hands, Red Tails, The Wire)

Andre royo

Recognise this face? Fans of cult hit The Wire will. We recently caught up with actor, producer and writer Andre Royo to discuss his role in the acclaimed film Calloused Hands (Woolfcub Productions). The film, tells the story of 12-year-old Josh, a mixed race boy growing up in Miami who lives under the oppressive weight of his abusive step-father. He manages to forge his own path in life when his estranged grandfather insists he study for his Bar Mitzvah. In this SceneProfiles, Andre talks about playing the character Byrd, the impact that his cultural identity has had on his career as well as life after The Wire. 

Firstly, what attracted you to this role?  

After working on a show like The Wire, the idea of playing the lead character in a movie was just the challenge I wanted.; especially when a director was putting his own true  story of abuse and hardship on screen, trusting me to help tell his story. I thought Jesse was doing a courageous thing.  The intense struggle of raising a kid, the highs and lows of wondering how to motivate and push a child to reach his or her potential, dealing with the pain of lost dreams and the struggles of substance abuse –it was the challenge of getting it right that first opened my eyes to the project.

There are many themes in Calloused Hands – from the nightmare of failed dreams through to culture and identity. How have these themes been relevant in your own life and career?  

My whole life has been  about chasing a dream with no safety net. All or nothing. And there were times where ‘nothing’ is all I saw. I was never totally outside myself to see how I handled my own failure at times. Plus being a mixed kid and raising my own daughter who is also mixed, I felt it was important to get a chance to act out some personal fears through the character of Byrd.

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